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Texas Quack Smacker
Drakes Hunting Guides - Duck Deer Dove Quail Turkey Hog Guided Hunting in North Texas

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Welcome to Drake's Hunting Guides...The Best Guided Hunting in North Texas

...and NOW, the Best Fishing in North Texas!


Michael, Lindsey and Cory

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

A lot of outfitters promise results.  At Drake's Hunting Guides we think it's best if you see the results with your own eyes. 

Drake's Hunting Guides doesn't make promises...they get results!  With over 15 years experience, nationally recognized  Drake's Hunting Guides is the best guided duck, deer, dove, hog, and turkey hunting in North Texas...and now, the best fishing in North Texas!

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North Texas is home to some of the best duck hunting in the state of Texas.  Nationally recognized owner/outfitter Cory Anderson's Drake's Hunting Guides has been featured on OLN twice in 2009; The Bone Collector with Michael Waddell, and Wild Game Nation featuring Matt Busbice.  We have managed water levels, flooded fields and stock tanks.

Drake's Hunting Guides is conveniently located...less than a hour's drive from Dallas-Fort Worth...the perfect place for hunting ducks, dove, turkey, deer, hogs, and other game.

Members-Only Dove hunting is also available within the City Limits of Fort Worth.  See our pricing guide for prices and check out Ray Sasser's Week One Dove Report for the latest Dove Hunting news.

Corporate rates are available.  We are booking fast, so call 682-552-0001 for rates and reservations.

Make reservations today for a duck, dove, turkey, deer, or hog hunt you won't forget.

See what Ray Sasser of the Dallas Morning News said about us

Meet Drake, Our Pride and Joy!

North Texas Duck Hunting The Best Guided Duck Hunting in Texas

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